New bookings / pricing freeze


well there have been a smattering of early bookings for next Term from schools – Australia themed days, 3D printing and Stone Age – so things already look reasonably busy for 2019.

At the close of this Term and looking forward to next I am happy to report that I will, once again, be freezing my full day fees. Even though inflation means my costs have gone up I have decided to do this in solidarity with the majority of UK schools that have faced dwindling budgets.

I have two school age boys and know that I have needed to dip into my pocket on an increasing basis to help fund external visitors to their school.

I also have increased my multi-day discounts and added some extra offers like free didgeridoo hire for Aus days. If you would like more details or to discuss a school booking then please do get in touch.

Hoping everyone has a great Christmas break.

Kind regards,

Jonny Cope.

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