Australia / Didgeridoo / Aborigines

Over the last 20 years I have offered a wide range of activities centred around the didgeridoo and the Aboriginal peoples of Australia.

I have visited 100‘s of schools throughout the UK and delivered top-quality workshops – below are the most popular options. These can be subject to a ‘mix & match’ approach to fulfil your requirements in terms of educational content, age group, timing, budget and fun!

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  • Presentation and / or demonstration didgeridoo playing and short introduction to the days activities during early morning assembly. 5 – 20 mins.
  • Individual classroom sessions. 30 – 90 mins or all day!
  • Aboriginal story-telling, ‘Dream-time’ stories. The creation myth stories from Aboriginal culture are rich and varied and are easily tailored to age group.
  • Explanation / discussion of Australian and Aboriginal culture and history. A collection of real Aboriginal objects will be used to give direct experience of how Aboriginal people live.
  • Basic didgeridoo ‘workshop’ – children get to try to play. Simple plastic didgeridoo pipes can be supplied for £1.00 hire or £2.00 purchase.
  • Instrument purchase: 100cm Decorated Bamboo didgeridoos can be supplied at £10 each with discounts possible for larger quantities.
  • Didgeridoo making and decorating. Either with cardboard tubes (£1 each) and paints (supplied by host school) for decorative instruments or plastic pipe and adhesive spots and tapes, supplied by JC, for playable instruments that children take home. The plastic pipe option costs £3.50 per didgeridoo and includes decorating materials. The children can take home their own didgeridoos!. Cardboard tubes are 50cm and cost £1.00 each.
  • Aboriginal art and crafts: Many possibilities – painting in styles inspired by traditional art, cardboard boomerang making and painting, etc. We supply the source materials and host school to supply painting materials and staff as needed.
  • Aboriginal dances – fun and easy dances based around animal imitation. Great for all age groups and abilities.

We recommend that for best retention of the workshop contents each session should be a single class group of no more than 40 pupils and should last a minimum of 45 minutes. Ideally we will be situated in the school hall and the pupils come to visit us in groups throughout the day. We can work with one year group split into various activities or deliver an introduction to the subject to a maximum of 6 groups within a school day.

We will work with you to ensure we deliver the maximum number of sessions throughout the school day.

A school visit:

Jonny Cope Visits Birkwood from Birkwood Primary School on Vimeo.

Or see this wonderful account of a day visit by Goldfield School:

Goldfield Day